DragonVale Cheats

For the most colorful game we made the best DragonVale cheats that you can use online! Really popular game on mobile phones just got something that everyone will use. With this website, you will learn how can you get more resources – Gems, DragonCash and Treats- all on one website!

Online DragonVale cheats

If you’re looking to start growing your dragons and get bigger and stronger, you came on the right website. All of this is possible mostly when people use Gems to grow their dragons. It’s probably not the case with you since you can’t buy premium Gems and you can’t get them. Well, worry no more as we show you how to use DragonVale cheats and generate Gems directly on your account. Now you are interested, but you don’t know if this will work. Well, take a look at my account below and decide for yourself.

Proof of working DragonVale cheats

Now that you know that this actually works great, let me show you how the actual DragonVale cheats looks like.

Online DragonVale cheats tool

As you can see, it’s nothing complicated and it’s really easy to use, but I’ll take you through all the steps so we can both make sure that you’re doing this properly. We know that most of the people playing this game don’t have extra money to buy Gems in the game so we decided to make something that will generate those Gems and we needed to make sure that everything looks nice and that it’s easy to use so everyone who plays this game can actually use it. This is safe and you will be able to use it as much as you want to generate those Gems directly onto your account. That’s all you need to know actually! If you didn’t generate already, let me show you how to do it properly.

Using DragonVale Cheats

This not going to be long, just a simple details about the actual cheats. Please, make sure you complete the following steps in order for this to work. Follow this:

  1. enter your Facebook email address or username in the game
  2. enter or select the amounts of resources that you want (Gems, DragonCash and Treats)
  3. click on the button “Generate” and wait for the server to complete all the tasks (you will see everything)

Now you’re done. You may have to complete a verification step to confirm that you’re human, but other than that you’re good to go. Now that you’re done with that, go in the game and load your account. You should now see everything in your account without no problem and you can use the resources right away.

Online DragonVale cheats

These DragonVale cheats are used by hundreds of people every single day and you should be one of them. But please use this with respect. Don’t abuse it and if you really want to support the game itself and the developers behind it, please go ahead and buy the Gems directly from their store. If you can’t or don’t have the money, use our site and have more fun with the game. There is nothing wrong with using our tool. Please note that you can generate resources for other players in the game – your siblings for example. Please enjoy using our DragonVale cheats and take care of your Dragons!

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